Greater Opportunity for Small Businesses Through Low-Interest Small Business Loans & Pay Without Delay

Cash-flow is the most-often cited obstacle for small businesses. Not having the resources to add employees, or being able to sustain their companies during what can be lengthy pay cycles, are the top reasons many small firms do not pursue work that could otherwise help grow their businesses.

In order to make work on the new terminal accessible to more small businesses, the Edgemoor team has partnered with Lead Bank to provide a low-interest loan program for disadvantaged firms.

Furthermore, Edgemoor and it's construction team, Clark | Weitz | Clarkson (CWC), have made a commitment to its subcontractors to pay verified invoices within two weeks of receipt, instead of the traditional 45-60 days. As one small business owner noted, this “pay without delay” policy is a “game changer” for small firms.