Edgemoor Team Appoints Director to Lead Workforce Training Program

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Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate and Clark | Weitz | Clarkson (CWC) are pleased to announce that Anthony Slaughter has joined the KCI New Terminal project team as Workforce Director. In this position, Mr. Slaughter will lead the Terminal Workforce Training Program, a critical component of the Edgemoor Team’s Terminal Workforce Enhancement Programs (TWEP) and their promise to deliver programs and services that support the growth and development of small businesses and create new job opportunities for Kansas City residents

Mr. Slaughter is working closely with labor, industry, and community leaders to develop a three-week workforce training curriculum that will give participants insight into the construction industry and provide them with fundamental construction and life skills needed to begin a career in the industry.

With more than 20 years of experience as a skilled tradesman with Pipefitters Local 533, and a degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Mr. Slaughter will leverage his experience in the industry, and knowledge of the skills required to build a lasting career in the trades, to develop an impactful curriculum for the New Terminal’s Workforce Training Program.

“I feel like I’ve been preparing for this job my entire life,” said Mr. Slaughter. “I appreciate the requirements of skilled trades and apprenticeship programs and, more importantly, the impact that they can have on our community. When we give men and women opportunities to make a fair wage, we can create sustainable growth for them, their families, and our community.”

Outside of his life-long career in the trades, Mr. Slaughter has volunteered as a math tutor with the Kansas City, Kansas Public Library for 19 years and is an active member of Kansas City’s faith-based community. He currently resides in Platte City with his wife.

“We are excited to welcome Anthony to our team and look forward to working with him to finalize the Workforce Training Program,” said Clark | Weitz | Clarkson Chief Engineer Steve Kellerman. “His background as an apprentice, and later union journeyman, coupled with his years as a mentor in the Kansas City community, make him the right individual to lead this effort for our team and to help prepare others to begin their construction careers.”

The KCI New Terminal project team is committed to providing services that will help eliminate barriers to a career in construction, including workforce training, subsidized transportation to and from the New Terminal jobsite, and access to licensed child care with extended hours. A series of public meetings have been scheduled to gather community input on the types of programs that should be offered as a part of the TWEP. Visit the CWC website for a list of meetings dates and locations; an online survey is available for anyone unable to attend.

Curriculum development for the Workforce Training Program is currently underway and will continue into September. The program is anticipated to launch in late October.

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The New Terminal will replace the airport’s existing terminals and is expected to open in early 2023.

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