Edgemoor Team, Unions, and Community Celebrate Community Workforce Agreement

From the beginning, the Edgemoor Team made a commitment to make this a transformational project – to not just simply build a terminal, but to create meaningful opportunities for both minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as local residents to contribute to the project. The Community Workforce Agreement (CWA) for the KCI New Terminal Project is a critical step in delivering on that promise.

What Makes this Agreement Significant?

While labor agreements are common on large projects, the terms of this agreement are unique to Kansas City because:

• It is a single-project agreement. As such, non-union companies can decide to join their respective trade union for this project only.

• Non-union companies that decide to sign the CWA can bring 100% of their existing workforce to the project, and their entire Project workforce will have access to established union training programs while working on the Project.

• Up to $55-60 million in potential construction contracts are available for certified small minority- and women-owned non-union businesses that do not elect to sign the single-project agreement

What Happens Next?

The Community Workforce Agreement creates the foundation for developing the programs that will build and train the workforce for the KCI New Terminal project and beyond. 

Over the next eight weeks, the Edgemoor Team will work closely with union and community leaders to establish a framework for the Project’s Pre-Apprenticeship Program. Additional information on the Pre-Apprenticeship Program will be posted soon on both kci-edgemoor.com and cwcjv.com, the website for Clark | Weitz | Clarkson.